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Birthday Parties

Birthday Party Request Step-By-Step Guide

Think of a birthday theme. 

Choose a birthday theme that suits the child, and we'll provide a tailored program and all necessary arrangements. If you're unsure about which theme to choose, you can let us know your son or daughter's interests, and we'll suggest a few themes. The possibilities are endless!

Where and when.

Decide where and when you want to organize the birthday party. Consider the weather, as this may impact the birthday activities. We'll also brainstorm with you and double-check the chosen timing.

Target a budget

Consider for yourself what budget you'd like, and we'll make a proposal based on this budget. If it's unrealistic for us, we'll also let you know.

Send us a message

Send us a message by filling out the form below, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible with a quote.

Birthday Parties Kids Ibiza

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 We will confirm as soon as possible. 

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