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About Ibiza Kids Camp

From Amsterdam to Ibiza!


For over 5 years, we've been passionately perfecting the art of organizing children's activities! Our founder, Jesper Janssen, is a true enthusiast, graduating from the Sport academy of Amsterdam. Now, we're beyond happy to be active on the beautiful island Ibiza.

How our journey started

The founder, Jesper Janssen, studied at the Sport Academy of Amsterdam, where he gained extensive experience working with children. During his graduation, he was tasked with giving a gym class at a random elementary school, which was evaluated. The teacher who assessed Jesper told him that he had inspired him in how to effectively teach. After graduating, Jesper immediately ventured into entrepreneurship and started an after-school sports program for children in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid. Shortly after, he began organizing children's camps during holidays. Now, he has multiple businesses and aims to make Ibiza Kids Camp a huge success on Ibiza, recognizing his talent in working with children.


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IBIZA Childeren

Our Team !

Jesper Janssen

Owner & Head Coach

Ibiza Kids Camp

Jesper has been active in the sports industry for a while and studied at the Sport Academy of Amsterdam. Judo and kickboxing are the sports he has practiced the longest. Currently, he enjoys playing a lot of padel. He also has a lot of fun playing table tennis or any other sport! In other words, he's a sports enthusiast!

Organizing sports activities is in Jesper's blood; his grandfather did this, and his uncle runs a sports camp company in Tahiti. Our story includes a segment about his graduation exam. During his diploma ceremony, this was reaffirmed in a speech, which you can watch in the video   Click here  . Entrepreneurship is Jesper's passion, and working with children is one of his strengths.


Noor Elgazar

Kirsten Stoutenburg

Holiday Camp Counselor


Trainster Vakantiekampen

Noor is always ready for the children at the holiday camps, just as she is for her handball team. Noor plays handball at a high level and even became Dutch champion with her team. Like Jesper, she also attended the Sport Academy of Amsterdam. You can see the school and sports experience reflected in her guidance as a coach at the holiday camps.


Thijs Vaessen

Holiday Camp Counselor

Thijs is a jack of all trades. With extensive experience working with groups of children, he can precisely cater to the needs of the group. Thijs also graduated from the Sport Academy of Amsterdam. His passion is football, and he continues to play enthusiastically for his football club as the team captain. Being the captain epitomizes his qualities. He effortlessly and passionately oversees group dynamics, always ensuring harmony.


Senne Shaw

Trainer Vakantiekampen

Since a young age, Senne has been involved in pro level sports. He played tennis at the highest level in his youth and also competed in rugby at a high level. For some time now, he has been a highly qualified Personal Fitness Trainer. Additionally, he is very creative and has a passion for photography. He is the perfect trainer for the kids at the holiday camps—athletic and creative. The children always enjoy participating in his activities.


From a young age, Kirsten knew she wanted to work with children. Her goal is to become a gym teacher, and she is currently in training for this. She excels in football and plays at the highest level for her football club, both indoors and outdoors. Her natural talent for working with children shines through. Combined with her sports mindset, she has a lot to offer to the children at the holiday camps.

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