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Frequently Asked Questions

Should my daughter or son bring a lunch?

No, we take care of a healthy lunch for all the children.

What are the costs?

For a whole week from Monday to Friday, you pay €375 per child. For individual days, it's €75 per child per day.

What items should my son or daughter bring?

Please bring sportswear, swimwear  a set of clothes that can get dirty, a good mood, and a smile!

What sports can my child expect?

We aim to expose the children to as many sports as possible. See the sports list above in the program. Our supervisors are trained sports coaches, so there are plenty of options!

What is the program?

We create a completely new program for the children every holiday. Our main focus is on sports and creativity. We do this because we want all types of children to join. Always expect something new! We want children who have been here before to have a completely new experience.

I want to unregister my child, is this possible?

We understand that there may arise situations where a child can no longer participate. In such cases, we assess each situation individually. If there are genuinely unforeseen circumstances before the week begins, we will refund the full amount. If your child unexpectedly needs to stop during the week, we will calculate the days participated.

How do you divide the groups?

We create two groups based on age: 4 to 6 years old and 7 to 12 years old. If we see, for example, that a child fits better in the older group, we can adjust accordingly, in consultation with the parent(s). This way, each child can engage at their own level. If your child would like to be in the group with a friend, we can accommodate that.

What is the location and what are the times?

We start at 11:00 AM, and you can pick up your children at 3:00 PM. Check the first email we have sent you for the final location. We change locations frequently, for example, to a beautiful beach or a horse riding location. We always aim for a location in the middle of the island.

Can special considerations be taken into account for my child?

Of course, we're happy to accommodate everyone's specific needs. Just let us know during registration, and we'll see what's possible!

How many children are there per day?

To maintain the quality of the various activities, we have space for a maximum of 16 children per day per age group. From experience, this ensures that all children are included in the group. We consider this crucial

What is the phone number I can reach you guys on during the holiday?

All parents can send a message or call


Is it possible to enroll my child during the camps?

Yes you can always try. However, if you want to ensure a spot for your child, we recommend signing them up as soon as possible.

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