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The Whole Holiday Season From Monday Till Friday 11 AM Till 4 PM 

Ibiza Kids Camp

Ibiza Kids Camp

From Amsterdam to Ibiza

 Enjoying ibiza solo is cool, but together, it's unforgettable! 

Ibiza Kids

The Kids Camp's

Get ready to have a blast with your buddies, diving into awesome days packed with sports activities! You'll be led by cool, expert trainers, each bringing their own specialty to the table. And hey, we guarantee it's gonna be a ton of fun !

Eduardo Avila

Jesper, the founder, adopts a positive and pedagogical approach, instilling confidence in the children. In a playful manner, he teaches them resilience and responsibility, both individually and collectively. We notice in our daughter that she actively participates and enjoys herself immensely. There's always a sense of camaraderie in the group, with boys and girls mingling seamlessly.
Coach Ibiza Kids

About Ibiza Kids Camp

For over 5 years, we've been passionately perfecting the art of organizing children's activities! Our founder,

Jesper Janssen, is a true enthusiast, graduating from the Sport academy of Amsterdam. Now, we're beyond happy to be active on the beautiful island Ibiza.

Ibiza Kids Camp

Birthday party's

Coming up with an exciting and original idea for your daughter's or son's birthday can often prove challenging. Rest assured, we're here to alleviate that burden. Simply reach out to us, and we'll handle everything according to your preferences. Send us a message, and we'll promptly provide you with a tailored quote.

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